American Graffiti (1973)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
(11" x 14")


Card #: 8 | Close up of Cindy Williams

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IMDb ID: tt0069704 | Location: LC14c

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Story Line

A couple of high school graduates spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.

The cast includes: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips, Wolfman Jack, Bo Hopkins, Manuel Padilla Jr., Beau Gentry, Kathleen Quinlan, Suzanne Somers, John Brent, Kay Lenz, Debralee Scott, Terence McGovern, Lynne Marie Stewart, Jana Bellan, Jim Bohan, Susan Richardson, Scott Beach, Jody Carlson, Joe Miksak, Al Nalbandian

Directed by: George Lucas

Genres: Comedy, Drama