Billy the Kid (1941)

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Story Line

Billy Bonney is a hot-headed gunslinger who narrowly skirts a life of crime by being befriended and hired by a peaceful rancher, Eric Keating. When Keating is killed, Billy seeks revenge on the men who killed him, even if it means opposing his friend, Marshal Jim Sherwood.

The cast includes: Robert Taylor, Brian Donlevy, Gene Lockhart, Lon Chaney Jr., Ian Hunter, Mary Howard, Henry O’Neill, Guinn Williams, Cy Kendall, Ted Adams, Frank Conlan, Frank Puglia, Joe Yule, Ethel Griffies, Chill Wills, Olive Blakeney, Connie Gilchrist, Ray Teal, Grant Withers, Mitchell Lewis, Dick Curtis, Earl Gunn, Eddie Dunn, Carl Pitti, Kermit Maynard, Ed Brady, George Chesebro, Ruth Pickard Colwell, Mario Costa, Jules Cowles, Frank Hagney, Lew Harvey, Arthur Housman, Jack King, Priscilla Lawson, Tom London, Buck Mack, Monte Montague, Obed ‘Bubb’ Pickard Jr., James Pickard, Leila May Pickard, Ben Pitti, John Raitt, Ann Pickard Rhea, Harry Tenbrook, Slim Whitaker, Wesley White

Directed by: David Miller, Frank Borzage

Genres: Drama, Western