Boom Town (1940)

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IMDb ID: tt0032273 | Location: LC17

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Story Line

McMasters and Sand come to oil towns to get rich. Betsey comes West intending to marry Sand but marries McMasters instead. Getting rich and losing it all teaches McMasters and Sand the value of personal ties.

The cast includes: Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr, Frank Morgan, Lionel Atwill, Chill Wills, Bess Flowers, Marion Martin, Minna Gombell, Sara Haden, Joe Yule, Horace Murphy, Marietta Canty, Curt Bois, Richard Lane, George Lessey, Frank Orth, John Hamilton, Charles Coleman, Nell Craig, Byron Foulger, Harry Hayden, Eddy Waller, Roy Gordon, Casey Johnson, Baby Quintanilla, Frank McGlynn Sr., Barbara Bedford, Hank Bell, Charles D. Brown, Francis X. Bushman Jr., Marietta Canty, Charles Coleman, James Conaty, Dick Curtis, Helen Dickson, James Dime, Eddie Dunn, Franklyn Farnum, Pat Flaherty, Sam Garrett, George Guhl, Frank Hagney, William Halligan, John Hamilton, Tom Hanlon, Harry Hayden, Holmes Herbert, Howard C. Hickman, Earle Hodgins, Shep Houghton, Jack Ingram, Sheldon Jett, Robert Emmett Keane, Mitchell Lewis, Tom London, Frank McLure, Carlotta Monti, Philip Morris, John T. Murray, Wedgwood Nowell, Ted Oliver, Nestor Paiva, Milton Parsons, Lee Phelps, Henry Roquemore, Larry Steers, Bert Stevens, William Tannen, Eddy Waller, Harry Wilson, Tom Wilson, Douglas Wood

Directed by: Jack Conway

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance