A Guy Named Joe (1944)

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IMDb ID: tt0035959 | Location: LC49

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Story Line

Pete Sandidge, a daredevil bomber pilot, dies when he crashes his plane into a German aircraft carrier, leaving his devoted girlfriend, Dorinda, who is also a pilot, heartbroken. In heaven, Pete receives a new assignment: He is to become the guardian angel for Ted Randall, a young Army flyer. Invisibly, Pete guides Ted through flight school and into combat, but the ghostly mentor’s tolerance is tested when Ted falls for Dorinda. Ultimately however, Pete not only comes to terms with their relationship, but also acts as Dorinda’s copilot when she undertakes a dangerous bombing raid so that Ted won’t have to.

The cast includes: Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson, Ward Bond, James Gleason, Lionel Barrymore, Barry Nelson, Esther Williams, Henry O’Neill, Don DeFore, Charles Smith, Addison Richards, Irving Bacon, Eve Whitney, Kirk Alyn, Bill Arthur, Martin Ashe, George Atkinson, Dora Baker, Steve Barclay, Ted Billings, Charles Bimbo, William Bishop, John Bogden, Becky Bohanon, Eddie Borden, Fred Coby, Eddie Coke, Peter Cookson, Oliver Cross, Mark Daniels, Edwards Davis, Vernon Downing, Johnny Dunn, Blake Edwards, Mary Elliott, Frank Faylen, Craig Flannagan, John Frederick, Mary Ganley, Leatrice Joy Gilbert, Gibson Gowland, Richard Graham, Herbert Gunn, Aileen Haley, Edward Hardwicke, Carey Harrison, Louise Hart, Gertrude Hoffmann, Earl Kent, Charles King, George Kirby, Harold Landon, Nelson Leigh, Robert Lowell, Peggy Maley, William Manning, James Martin, Mary McLeod, James Millican, Neyle Morrow, Maurice Murphy, Melvin Nix, Tarquin Olivier, Stanley Orr, Michael Owen, Jean Prescott, Stafford Quartet, Marshall Reed, Walter Sande, Jack Saunders, Earl Schenck, Ken Scott, Bernard Sell, Violet Seton, Christopher Severn, Ernest Severn, Raymond Severn, Yvonne Severn, Jessie Tai Sing, Bill Sloan, Arthur Space, Wyndham Standing, Arthur Stenning, Clarence Straight, Robert Sully, Carlie Taylor, Joan Thorsen, Elizabeth Valentine, Philip Van Zandt, Leslie Vincent, James Warren, Jacqueline White, John Whitney, Kay Williams, Matt Willis, Alan Wilson, Allen Wood, Richard Woodruff

Directed by: Victor Fleming

Genres: Drama, Romance, War