A Lady of Quality (1924)

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IMDb ID: tt0015050 | Location: LC47

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Story Line

Clorinda Wildairs breaks off an affair with the unscrupulous Sir John Ozen to become engaged to a rich nobleman, Mertoun, the Duke of Osmonde. Clorinda accidentally kills Sir John when he, infuriated by her forthcoming marriage, threatens to blackmail her. She buries the body in the cellar and admits her act to the forgiving Osmonde before marrying him.

The cast includes: Virginia Valli, Lionel Belmore, Margaret Seddon, Peggy Cartwright, Milton Sills, Florence Gibson, Dorothea Wolbert, Bert Roach, Earle Foxe, Leo White, George B. Williams, Willard Louis, Patterson Dial, Yvonne Armstrong, Bobbie Mack

Directed by: Hobart Henley

Genres: Drama