West of Carson City (1940)

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Story Line

West of Carson City remains one of the best of Johnny Mack Brown’s Universal westerns. The story takes place in a gold-rush community where the locals are taken to the cleaners by duplicitious Eastern gamblers. When it becomes obvious that the local constabulary has been “bought off” by the crooks, two-fisted cattleman Jim Bannister (Brown) swings into action. The film’s highlight is an outsized fistic brawl between the hero and secondary villain Breed, played by loose-limbed comic stuntman Frank Mitchell.

The cast includes: Johnny Mack Brown, Bob Baker, Fuzzy Knight, Peggy Moran, Harry Woods, Robert Homans, Al K. Hall, Roy Barcroft, Charles King, Frank Mitchell, Edmund Cobb, Jack Roper, Ted Wells, Jack Shannon

Directed by: Ray Taylor

Genres: Western