Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939)

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Story Line

Ellen is a free spirited young woman in love with Doug. Sadly he must leave America for a two year job in Belgium. Ellen and Doug decide to spend their last weekend together in a tourist cabin at a rural lake. Her family is shocked that a young unmarried woman would engage in such amoral activity. The comic plot develops as Ellen argues her case for women’s freedom and independence, trying to win over her mother, grandmother, and other dubious relatives.

The cast includes: Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Roland Young, Fay Bainter, May Robson, Genevieve Tobin, Ian Hunter, Robert Homans, Edward Gargan, Spencer Charters, Lottie Williams, Clem Bevans, Loia Cheaney, John Harron, Grace Hayle, Vera Lewis, John J. Richardson, George Tobias, George Tobias

Directed by: William Keighley

Genres: Comedy, Romance